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Mother of bullied suicide boy denies he was gay

Mother of bullied suicide boy denies he was gay

The mother of the 15-year-old boy who hanged himself after having been bullied on Facebook and at school in Rome, Italy, has denied he was gay.

‘If he had been gay, he would have told me,’ she said. ‘The only pink was that of his sensibility. My son has been crucified like Jesus.’

At the funeral in Rome, Italy, the woman added: ‘His friends are now my only hope. But several people have defamed him. Now I want justice.’

‘AS,’ who hanged himself in front of his younger brother last Tuesday (20 November), had been bullied on Facebook with a fake page indicating him ‘the boy with the pink trousers.’

According to his mother, a picture of him taken at a Carnival party has been used to ‘destroy’ her son’s reputation.

After the news first broke, the Italian press branded the suicide as ‘the result of a homophobic attack.’

Yesterday (23 November), the Italian president Giorgio Napolitano called for the end of ‘a vile homophobia. We need a more tolerant society.’

Thursday night (22 November) two commemorations took place in Rome and Bologna. LGBT associations marched with candles and banners to remember the young boy.

His class-mates wrote a letter to the newspapers: ‘He was not gay. He had fallen in love with a girl. There has been a homophobic event at school, but we have always respected him for his clothes and for his nail varnish as well.’

But Fabrizio Marrazzo, LGBT association Gay Center’s spokesman, said: ‘Someone now wants to hide the truth.’