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Mother cries gay rape and torture after son dies in Indian drug party

Mother cries gay rape and torture after son dies in Indian drug party

Six people have been arrested in a sensational case in New Delhi after a young New York-based student died in a drug party and his mother alleged he was raped and tortured to death.

Anmol Sarna, a 24-year-old Indian student, was visiting India after finishing high school and getting ready to go to Canada for higher education.

On 13 September, Sarna and four other male friends decided to throw a drug party in an apartment in New Delhi. The young men, all of them in their early 20s, had decided to trip on the hallucinogenic drug LSD as a farewell gift for one of the five, who was to have left for London the next day.

However, something went terribly wrong. Around midnight, a stupefied Sarna turned violent. He began screaming and smashing things up in the apartment, causing neighbors to complain to the security guards on duty at the building.
There are conflicting reports as to what happened after that. It is thought that when the two guards accosted the screaming student, he could have turned violent, leading to a scuffle.

Some reports say the guards hit him with their batons to subdue him.

Sarna was discovered unconscious early next morning, lying in a pool of blood outside the apartment, which belonged to one of the friends.

He died in a hospital due to shock and hemorrhage caused by head injuries.

The friends, also under the influence of drugs, fled the apartment.

Police arrested all four as well as the two guards and on Friday, a Delhi court rejected their bail appeals, sending them to jail custody.

The twist in the tale came after the dead student’s mother arrived in India from New York and told the court she feared her son had been raped and tortured to death.

Sushma Sarna, the mother, is alleging that the autopsy report also indicates her son had unexplained injuries to his genitals.

According to her, one of the four friends is gay. She says he was suspended from school in the past after being caught in a compromising position with another male student.

‘He must have initiated the attack on my son and the rest probably joined in. They tortured Anmol and tried to sexually assault him. He was killed because he resisted,’ Sushma Sarna told the media.

To corroborate her suspicions, she has released a WhatsApp message, saying it was sent by one of the four friends to his sister on the night of the fatal drug party.

The message purportedly says: ‘One of my friends along with his friends has killed a friend.’

Sushma Sarna is also reported to have come out on the streets carrying a photograph of her son and comparing him to the young Indian paramedical student who was brutally gangraped by five men on a moving bus in the capital in December, an assault that shocked India and made headlines worldwide.

The young woman died as a result of having an iron rod inserted in her vagina and her intestines pulled out. A Delhi court this month sentenced four of the rapists to death by hanging, a landmark judgment in India.

Sushma Sarna reportedly likened herself to the dead woman’s mother, saying just as the latter had been given justice for the killing of her daughter, she too should see her son’s rapists and killers punished.