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Mother describes life with two transgender children

Mother describes life with two transgender children

In a heartwarming interview with Good Housekeeping, Beth McGarrity explains what it was like learning her children were both transgender.

Beth is the mother of Gavin and Youtube personality Raiden – who came out as transgender within a month of each other in 2011.

First came Gavin, who at the time was to Beth her daughter Aly. ‘I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in my head and haven’t wanted to tell you, because I knew you were dealing with a lot,’ he said, on his sibling’s prompting.

‘[Mum], I’ve figured out what’s going on with me. I’m transgender. I’ve always wanted to be a boy.’

Raiden (or Rai) – at that time Russ Jr. – came out to her on the family porch, in tears after years of unhappiness, struggling to reconcile her identity with what the world saw her as.

To her credit, Beth was understanding and embraced both her children. ‘I’ll support you no matter what.’

Finding out her children were both transgender was not easy. While Beth was always understanding and determined to make her children feel comfortable, she recounts how many times she had to face the stares and jeers aimed at her children.

Today however she is happy, and appreciates the irony of having always wanted ‘one of each’ and – thanks to their both being transgender – keeping that ratio.

‘I feel like my kids are at a place now where I can sit back and take a deep breath. They’re happy. And every minute we spend with them, I feel, is a gift,’ she says.