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Mother Monster tweets love for Lady Gaga comic

Lady Gaga spots fan-made comic at Comic Con and thinks it's so cool, she tells Twitter followers she wants to buy a copy of her own

Mother Monster tweets love for Lady Gaga comic

A fan-made Lady Gaga comic was given the ‘Mother Monster’ seal of approval today (16 July), after the Born This Way singer tweeted that she wanted a copy.

Michael Troy’s Going Gaga is an unauthorized comic book account of the rise of everyone’s favorite Fame Monster and describes itself as a ‘celebration of a pop culture phenomenon’.

The all-seeing eye of Gaga spotted a copy at this year’s Comic Con expo in San Diego and is eager to get her sequined mits on one.

‘So cool! Someone found this at Comic Con. Can I buy it? pleasssee!!!’ the superstar tweeted with a picture of the comic.

Troy called the 20-page graphic novel a ‘love letter from a fan’.

‘I don’t think an artist has sang this strongly to my gay little heart since Madonna and I just had to express myself on paper,’ said Troy, reported Fanboy Comics website.

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