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Mother of newly out Filipina popstar says she used to be a lesbian too

Mother of newly out Filipina popstar says she used to be a lesbian too

The mother of Filipina popstar and former Glee star Charice Pempengco, who came out as a lesbian last week, said that she used to be a lesbian too.

Raquel Pempengco said at at press conference in her home in Marikina City on Friday (7 June) that she used to have female lovers but her mother, Tess Relucio, pressurized her to marry a man and start a family.

Raquel and Ricky Pempengco ended-up separating and the couple’s children, Charice and her brother Carl, were raised in their grandmother’s house.

In a statement that could be seen as a emotionally manipulative, Raquel Pempengco said she accepts that her daughter is a lesbian and understands her because she was a lesbian before she had a family, but she chose her family over her sexual preference, Zeibiz reports.

Evidence of an escalating family feud was revealed when Pempengco said she had been ‘cut-off’ from her daughter and felt ‘abandoned’.

In a separate TV interview, Relucio urged her granddaughter to help her mother pay the taxes on her property and not to give money to her girlfriend’s family.

Relucio confirmed that her daughter is in a relationship with another Filipina singer, X Factor Philippines star Alyssa Quijano, whom Charice’s mother said she cannot accept ‘for personal reasons’.

When asked about the falling out with her mother and grandmother Charice said, ‘eventually we’re going to get together and talk and fix everything’.

Charice confirmed that she is a lesbian in an emotional TV interview last week.

The host who prompted Charice’s confession, openly gay Boy Abunda, said to the Wall Street Journal that she was ‘brave’ because in the Philippines the public ‘has yet to get used to lesbian performers’ and she could ‘lose her rightful place in the entertainment industry’. But he said that the positive reaction to her interview was ‘encouraging’.