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Mother of drag kid Sparkle called a ‘pedophile’ by haters

Mother of drag kid Sparkle called a ‘pedophile’ by haters

A mother of a drag kid called Sparkle said the family received so much abuse that they considered not marching at Portland Pride.

Michelle Porter, mother to Sparkle, 10, said their family received a severe backlash after they performed at an all-ages drag show.

She allowed Sparkle to perform because they took an interest in drag and she wants to be supportive of her child’s interests. However, after a post by alt-right blog Gateway Pundit claimed the event sexualized the children, family became targets for abuse.

Porter said she lost sleep from worry about the threats.

She told WUSA90: ‘It said horrific, homophobic things. They accused everybody, including myself, of being pedophiles.

‘[We] really want to come to Pride; our kids expect it. This is something that’s really important to our family, but I am scared.’

However, when news that the family might skip the march – which was held on Sunday (16 June) – others stepped in. The Portland branch of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence offered protection for them on the march.

The Sisters are a charity, protest and street performance organization that uses drag and religious imagery to satirize gender and morality.

With the protection of the organization, the family felt safe to attend. Sparkle sat in a pickup truck as it drove down the street.

Porter also said a local taxi firm offered free rides to and from the event to make sure they are safe.

She added: ‘I’m just doing what any mom would do.

‘I have a kid who is passionate about something. I’m encouraging them and loving them and I’m showing up for them.’

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