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Mother tells teacher she will kill her son if he is gay as protests heat up

Mother tells teacher she will kill her son if he is gay as protests heat up

Anti LGBTI lessons protestors outside Parkfield School (Photo: Twitter) court

The protests concerning the new relationship and sex education in UK schools has heated up as one parent told a teacher she will kill her son if he is gay.

At an unnamed primary school in the northwest of England, a teacher reported the mother to social services after making the comment. She didn’t speak in English.

The headteacher of the school told The Sunday Times: ‘This parent said to one of my members of staff, “It [being LGBT] is disgusting. If my child turned out like that, I would have to kill him for his honor.”‘

The paper also reports that angry protesters are targeting LGBTI teachers, according to sources in a teaching union.

The protests began with the introduction of the ‘No Outsiders’ lessons in Parkfield Community School in Birmingham. No Outsiders taught children about the existence of LGBTI people, same-sex parents and tolerance.

However, the school suspended the course in March after protests erupted outside the school. Many of the protesters said the course contradicted the teachings of Islam.

Relationship and sex education

Demonstrations continue to occur across the country as the UK government passed a bill changing the relationship and sex education guidelines.

While it still needs pass through the UK’s upper house, the House of Lords, this Bill will require all schools in England teach about sexual orientation and gender identity.

Children in primary schools will be required to learn about diverse families.

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