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Mothers of trans kids take on selfie campaign to end ‘bathroom bill’

Mothers of trans kids take on selfie campaign to end ‘bathroom bill’

Mothers of trans kids are taking on ‘ridiculous’ bathroom bills by vowing to pee in men’s toilets.

Fran Forsberg, from Saskatoon, Canada, is one of several parents who who will be protesting an amendment of a bill that will ban trans women from using female bathrooms trans men from using male bathrooms.

Put forward by Senator Don Plett, he claims the amendment will stop ‘pedophiles from taking advantage of legislation that we have in place.’

‘There’s nothing that’s wrong with my daughter,’ Forsberg told CBC News.

‘Senator Plett needs to educate himself about transgender people, altogether, because he obviously is not educated in that area and to me, in this day and age, there is no excuse for that kind of ignorance.’

She believes banning her trans daughter from a female washroom is similar to racial segregation.

‘People confuse gender with somebody’s sexuality. And gender is how you present to society. Senator Plett doesn’t understand this,’ she said.

Anne Lowthian, from Ottawa, vows to pee in men’s bathrooms until the amendment is dropped. She is doing it for her nine-year-old trans daughter Charlie.

Anne Lowthian

‘I have never been in a men’s washroom. I don’t belong in a men’s washroom. And neither does Charlie,’ she told CTV.

‘We are inspired by our daughter.She is a miracle to us and has been since day she was born.’