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Mozilla CEO ‘whacked’ by ‘gay mafia’ says Bill Maher

Mozilla CEO ‘whacked’ by ‘gay mafia’ says Bill Maher

Bill Maher, host of US talk show Real Time, suggested a ‘gay mafia’ was responsible for Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich’s resignation on Thursday (3 April).

The subject was discussed during an online segment of the show, featuring Forbes journalist Carrie Sheffield and former Republican Tom Davis.

Eich’s resignation came after he was found to have donated $1,000 (€725) to California’s Proposition 8 campaign in 2008, which aimed to ban equal marriage in the state.

After asking the panel for their opinions on the resignation, Maher says: ‘I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.’

His comments were in response to Sheffield’s observation that Eich made the donation ‘when president Obama was still against gay marriage. So, I don’t think it’s very fair.’

Eich’s appointment as CEO of Mozilla Corp, well-known for its internet browser Firefox, lasted less than two weeks and drew widespread criticism from pro-LGBT activists and some of the company’s employees.

Dating site OkCupid, which had started to prompt Firefox users to switch browser before accessing the site on account of Eich’s anti-gay stance, said they we’re ‘satisfied that Mozilla will be taking a number of further affirmative steps to support the equality of all relationships.’

However, gay blogger Andrew Sullivan said Eich’s resignation demonstrated the ‘ugly intolerance’ within the LGBT community.

Watch the clip of Maher’s discussion below.