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MPs across England get tested to support National HIV Testing Week

MPs across England get tested to support National HIV Testing Week

Steve Brine getting tested for HIV.

Across England, MPs from various parties are getting tested in support of National HIV Testing Week. The Members of Parliament joined forces with the Terrence Higgins Trust (THT), a sexual health and HIV charity.

So far, Caroline Lucas, Liz Kendall, and Gareth Snell, among others, received tests to raise awareness.

‘It’s time that the stigma that surrounds HIV, and testing for HIV, ended,’ said Kendall, a Labour Party politician for Leicester West.

Lucas, a Green Party member, doubled down: ‘I support National HIV Testing Week and will continue supporting Terrence Higgins Trust in ending the stigma that surrounds HIV and testing for it, and then eliminating it altogether.’

Other MPS getting tested include Public Health Minister Steve Brine.

Brine voiced his support for the week with a colorful statement. ‘I’m calling on the public to give the finger to HIV,’ he said. ‘Getting tested is vital, especially for those who may be at higher risk.’

‘Feel empowered to test’

The week stresses the importance of testing with an aim to end the stigma around HIV.

‘We’re delighted to have such fantastic cross-party support from MPs this National HIV Testing Week,’ said Liam Beattie, Campaigns and Parliamentary Officer of THT.

‘It’s vital that we enable people to feel empowered to test and know their status, and dispel the myths that surround testing for and living with HIV, which no doubt support from a number of prominent MPs will hugely help.’

Last week, THT opened a self-test HIV pop-up shop in Hackney. Prince Harry attended the launch of it.

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