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As MPs vote on May’s Brexit deal, why 72% of LGBTIs in Britain want a People’s Vote

As MPs vote on May’s Brexit deal, why 72% of LGBTIs in Britain want a People’s Vote

Tris Reid-Smith [right] and Scott Nunn of Gay Star News | Photo: Jamie Wareham

Tonight GSN Editor-in-Chief Tris Reid-Smith gave a speech in favor of a People’s Vote outside the Houses of Parliament in London, England.

The co-founder of GSN spoke as Prime Minster Theresa May’s Brexit deal faced a vote in Parliament.

Speaking in front of thousands of activists and protesters in the capital, Reid-Smith’s argued the following:

‘It’s amazing to be here today. To see people power in action. To be part of the movement for a better UK in a better EU.

‘Everyone knows Brexit will leave us poorer. That it will harm the NHS. That it will cost people their jobs.

‘But lesbian, gay, bi and trans people have something extra to lose – our hard-won rights.

‘The EU gives us special protections. So a homophobic or transphobic government can’t take our rights away.

‘But Theresa May’s government has taken those protections away. And refused to replace them.

‘Thanks to the EU, trans people in this country have legal rights. Thanks to the EU, lesbian, gay and bi people can’t be fired for their sexuality. And thanks to the EU, same-sex couples are getting their relationships respected when they travel.

‘My partner and I were at the first ever same-sex wedding in the world in 2001. So I know how that movement spread around Europe. And how influential our EU partners were in winning marriage equality here in the Britain.

‘And I know how much the EU does to spread our rights across Europe and around the world.

Tris Reid-Smith giving his speech on a people's vote
Reid-Smith giving his speech | Photo: Provided

‘May’s deal is also attacking our hardworking EU nationals in this country. If this injustice happens, I have decided Gay Star News will be paying the application fees for our staff’s right to remain.

‘The polls show 72% of LGBTI people in Britain want a People’s Vote. And they want to Remain in the EU.

‘They know there is only one real alternative to Theresa May’s political chaos.

‘A People’s Vote.

‘Together we will make a positive case for staying in Europe. A new hope. A way to drive up rights and living standards for all people.

‘And if we remain in the Europe, we will get the real dividend.

‘We will have the money to fund the NHS, to tackle child poverty and homelessness, which disproportionately affects minorities, including LGBTI. And to help those parts of our country that have been left behind.

‘The only solution, and the best way forward is a People’s Vote.

‘That’s why I’m proud to be part of LGBT+ for a People’s Vote.

‘Thank you for supporting this amazing, diverse movement. Thank you for showing real peaceful people power – and democracy in action. Together we will win.’

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