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WATCH: Mr Bear Europe runner-up proposes to his boyfriend on stage

WATCH: Mr Bear Europe runner-up proposes to his boyfriend on stage

Mr Gay Austria and Mr Gay Hungary will tie the knot

Losing a competition can be awful, especially if it is a close call, but Mr Bear Austria still came out a winner.

Gabriel Yalda, a 26-year-old make-up artist and LGBTI activist from Austria, was voted Mr Bear Austria 2016.

On Friday (28 April) night, he narrowly lost out on becoming Mr Bear Europe.

After an online vote and a final performance in Cologne, the title went to Mr Bear Netherlands, Henk Heijenga.

But runner-up Yalda had a surprise in store for the crowd, even before the final result was announced.

In front of everyone, and under much cheering, he got on stage to propose to his 48-year-old partner, Csaba Toth – who currently holds the title of Mr Bear Hungary.

Keeping it short, sweet, and simple, Yalda asked: ‘Do you want to marry me?’

It was, of course, answered with a yes, even before he could get down on one knee and show Toth his engagement ring.

‘I was really nervous, because it was shortly before the final,’ Yalda told Austrian LGBTI website GGG.

‘Nobody new of my plan and [I] had barely known what I should say because I was so nervous.’

So far the couple have not set a date when they will tie the knot.

Both Austria and Hungary do not have marriage equality; same-sex couples can enter civil partnerships.

Watch the full clip below: