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Mr Ratburn from hit kids TV show Arthur is going to marry his boyfriend

Mr Ratburn from hit kids TV show Arthur is going to marry his boyfriend

Arthur's Mr Ratburn and his new husband (Photo: PBS)

Fans of hit kids TV show Arthur are in for a treat this week.

In the premiere of season 22 airing Monday (14 May), Arthur’s beloved teacher Mr Ratburn is set to marry his boyfriend.

It is the first LGBTI storyline in the hugely popular show and has been heralded as ‘groundbreaking’.

Mr Ratburn & The Special Someone, Arthur and his animal friends are shocked to discover Mr Ratburn is engaged to be wed, according to TV Line.

Buster finds it hard to accept teachers even have a life outside of the classroom.

‘When they go home, they sharpen pencils, eat kale and dream up homework assignments’ he reportedly insists.

The group of chums grow more worried when they spy Mr Ratburn having lunch with an uptight woman.

Lesbian actress and comedian Jane Lynch voices the character. She tells Mr Ratburn to he’s ‘too soft’ and needs to ‘toughen up.’

The team decide to intervene in the wedding and show up together.

But, they soon discover that Lynch’s character is, in fact, Mr Ratburn’s sister.

Mr Ratburn is marrying Patrick, a warm aardvark chocolatier from earlier in the episode.

Arthur and his pals decide not to disrupt Mr Ratburn’ special day. But, they do make fun of the way he and his new husband dance.


Arthur fans and LGBTI supporters delighted at the news.