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Marks & Spencer’s new ‘LGBT’ sandwich met with mixed reactions online

Marks & Spencer’s new ‘LGBT’ sandwich met with mixed reactions online

M&S sandwich

Marks and Spencer (M&S) have come up with an… ‘original’ idea to celebrate the LGBTI community in the lead up to Pride month.

The high street retailers recently released a sandwich comprised of lettuce, guacamole, bacon, and tomato. Or when initialized, an ‘LGBT’ sandwich.

M&S released the sandwich – which is sold in rainbow packaging – to celebrate Pride month, which will take place in June.

The company announced they were also donating to two LGBTI charities.

A message by M&S on the back of the ‘LGBT’ sandwich boxes reads: ‘To celebrate Pride, we’re donating – £10,000 to akt in the UK (an LGBTI youth homelessness charity) and €1000 to BeLongG (an Irish youth service).’

The ‘LGBT’ sandwiches are retailing for €4.45 (£3.83).

‘Seriously M&S? An LGBT sandwich?’

Predictably, the release of the ‘LGBT’ sandwiches has been met with a mixed reaction online.

While some people on Twitter celebrated M&S for the idea, others said they found it cringeworthy.

A number of people also congratulated M&S for supporting the LGBTI community and their charitable donations.

‘Yes that M&S LGBT sandwich is embarrassing af, but their new food ad featuring the gay couple eating burgers on the beach is really great. I honestly can’t think of another advert that features an LGBT couple and no one else,’ @RooPritchard tweeted.

‘Cashing in on the Pink Pound’

While there was no shortage of poking fun at the novelty of the ‘LGBT’ sandwiches, others felt it was another corporate cash-grab piggybacking on support for the LGBTI community.

Pride UK tweeted: ‘if All profits from the Sandwiches are not going to LGBT+ funding then it is cashing in on the Pink Pound.’

Others, however, just wanted to know if the sandwiches were any good, though the price-tag did raise a few eyebrows.