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Model Munroe Bergdorf denounces media for treatment of trans kids

Model Munroe Bergdorf denounces media for treatment of trans kids

Munroe Bergdorf

Trans model Munroe Bergdorf is not holding back.

In a Twitter thread Monday (13 November) morning, she criticized the media for its treatment of transgender children and called on them to do better.

Bergdorf began the tweets by calling out unnamed producers for inviting her on various shows to debate ‘transphobes and TERFs’. A TERF, by the way, is a trans-exclusionary radical feminist.

She then went on to condemn the false equivalency that the media perpetuates. She said presenting this topic as a debate gives room for the idea that being trans is a choice.

Bergdorf continued, imploring media and all to ‘allow kids their childhood’. The advice is not unlike that of the anti-bullying guidance the Church of England released today.

She also affirmed her continued commitment to stand up for trans kids.

‘If you’re not willing to do that,’ she wrote about letting children be children. ‘Then don’t have children. Simple. It’s about them. Not you.’

Bergdorf ended her thread with a message to trans kids, urging them to reach out to her if they need help. She also challenged the media to do better and change the narrative.

Bergdorf made headlines at the end of August when she became the first trans woman to star in a L’Oréal UK campaign.

However, days later she was let go after she posted a message online challenging racism.

The following month, she became the face of make-up brand Illamasqua.