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Munroe Bergdorf stars in empowering video for Trans Day of Visibility

Munroe Bergdorf stars in empowering video for Trans Day of Visibility

Munroe Bergdorf

Trans model and activist Munroe Bergdorf has released a powerful film to mark Trans Day of Visibility.

The video is an important statement against transphobia and unattainable beauty standards.

Called Must Be Strong, the short sees Bergdorf looking at her phone. She feels uncomfortable due to comments and unrealistic beauty standards imposed upon her by social media.

Significantly, the model has pink tears glued to her cheeks.

Munroe Bergdorf turns into a mermaid

As the video progresses, the audience follows Bergdorf along her journey to self-acceptance.

She ends up turning into a beautiful, strong mermaid, an evolution enhanced digital make-up artist, Ines Alpha.

‘The mermaid, a mythical creature is a manifestation of fierce beauty and strength,’ Bergdorf said to Love Magazine.

‘In one way or another, we are all mermaids navigating rough seas. I want this film to be a reminder that no matter what those struggles may be, our differences unite us -especially in today’s society where we are all exposed to such high expectations and demands.’

‘Mermaids must be strong because the sea is rough,’ she says as the video ends.

‘We will not be drowned,’ she also says.

The strength it takes to be visible

Bergdorf also talked about the video in a post on her Instagram account.

‘Gender dysphoria is something that so many trans people experience, myself included,’ she wrote.

‘I wanted to create a visual for Transgender Day of Visibility that highlighted this, but also spoke to the strength it takes to be visible in a world that continues to deny, restrict and attempt to erase our existence.’

She furthermore added: ‘This film has been a real labour of love and I’m so proud to share it with you all.’

Femke Huurdema directed the video produced by CANADA London. The video also had Eduardo Fitch and Lisa Turner-Wray as creative directors.

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