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Mural of George Michael vandalized with eggs and homophobic graffiti

Mural of George Michael vandalized with eggs and homophobic graffiti

The George Michael mural in Sydney, by Stereogamous and Scott Marsh

Vandals defaced a mural of George Michael in Sydney with eggs and homophobic words on Tuesday (10 October).

The mural depicts the late George Michael as a saint, complete with a halo while holding a blunt and a bottle of poppers.

It’s painted on the side of Jonny Seymour’s house, who reported the incident to an Australian Senate inquiry.

Seymour, who is one half of Steregamous, self-described as ‘the gayest band since the Village People,’ told Gay Star News he didn’t want to take a photo of the vandalism because ‘it almost validates it somehow.’

In the midst of a divisive postal vote on same-sex marriage, tensions are high between Yes and No campaigners.

Syemour tweeted: ‘Dear St George had a visit from the vandalising NO hopers. A dozen eggs plus graffiti.’

When asked about the vandalism, Seymour said: ‘I took photos which I’ve sent into the senate enquiry but I didn’t post publicly as it seems to validate it somehow.

‘This campaign is so exhausting. The hateful seem to get inordinate amount of publicity (the skywriting NO lasted for 20 seconds yet was shared thousands of times).

‘Their attempts to destroy our sacred places shows their fear.

Seymour came home to find four strangers helping to clean up the vandalism.

He tweeted: ‘Now they are our friends. Yep I’m crying (happy tears)’

‘He means so much to so many in our queer family’

When the mural was first created, Stereogamous told Gay Star News: ‘George’s passing has been a devastating blow to our community. He means so much to so many in our queer family. He was also good friend, brother and musical collaborator of ours too.

‘We needed to have a physical tribute where LGBTIQ people could gather to pay their respects without any dogma barking.’

The artist, Scott Marsh agrees with Seymour’s sentiment and declined to comment.

Marsh recently painted another mural of ex-Prime Minister Tony Abbott marrying himself.

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Abbott is a vocal supporter of the No campaign and traditional marriage. He believes marriage should be kept ‘undamaged‘ and actively campaigns against changing the Australian Marriage Act.

On his Tony Abbott mural, Marsh said: ‘If you go to see Tony Loves Tony’ or live in Redfern, grab a seriously good coffee and support some great local people!’

Marsh is also famous for painting a mural of Kanye West kissing himself and current Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull shaking hands with Simpsons character Fat Tony.