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Muslim drag queen sent death threats after Channel 4 documentary

Muslim drag queen sent death threats after Channel 4 documentary

Asifa Lehore received death threats after Muslim Drag Queen aired

Muslim Drag Queens aired last night to critical acclaim, a Channel 4 documentary that examined the lives of gay men and trans women who perform in a way that some view as completely opposite to their religion.

The main star of the show, Asifa Lahore, boy name Asif, was seen at drag shows, performing as well fasting during Ramadan and reading the Qu’ran.

He said he received emails from people saying: ‘You call yourself a Muslim, you should be ashamed of yourself and killed’.

But Lahore received other messages during the show, threatening that they are ‘going to find [him] and kill him like ISIS would’.

Others branded the show ‘disturbing’ and claimed it is not possible to be both Muslim and gay.

‘Absolutely repulsed by the “Muslim” drag queens on channel 4. No place for that in Islam at all. The sharia is perfect &needs implementation,’ a Twitter user added.

Lahore posted a message on Twitter, giving a ‘fuck you’ to every single hateful message.

In a statement to Gay Star News, a Channel 4 spokesperson said: ‘The contributors agreed to take part after extensive discussions about what appearing in the programme would involve and how much this would likely elevate their profiles.

‘They wanted to speak out in this documentary to challenge the negative views and preconceptions held by many in their own wider communities and they courageously agreed to do this despite knowing it would likely provoke further unpleasant criticism.

‘They all viewed the final film some weeks ago and fully support its broadcast. The filmmakers remain in constant contact with the contributors and their support networks.’