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Muslim fashion label reveals its first Pride ambassador

Muslim fashion label reveals its first Pride ambassador

a topless man wearing a backwards cap is standing against a wall with the pride scarf strectched over his shoulders behind him

An Australian fashion label is continuing its support of the LGBTI community and has revealed its first ever Pride ambassador.

MOGA released the world’s first Pride headscarf last year to support the marriage equality movement in Australia.

As a Muslim label with a large Islamic following, MOGA was unsure how its Pride scarf would be received.

But the scarf proved to be a massive success, selling out in just six days. So, MOGA is continuing that support and has appointed gay singer Zain Mitchlan as its Pride ambassador.

The 23-year-old Australian singer and songwriter rose to prominence on The Voice Australia. Even though he didn’t make it far on The Voice, he picked up a following in the LGBTI community.

Mitchlan told Gay Star News he wanted to work with MOGA so he could ‘shine the light’ because ‘they make it their passion to bring this inclusive attitude to the fashion industry’.

a man in a striped long sleeve top crouches while holding a rainbow coloured shawl out across his shoulders
Zain Mitchlan poses with the Pride scarf. | Photo: Supplied

‘My goal in life is to bring a smile to as many faces as I can by showing that life, although might seem ever changing and wild, is even more beautiful when you are in it,’ he said.

‘So teaming up with an incredible brand such as MOGA is another step forward in doing exactly that.’

Mitchlan is driven by the empowerment of change and fondly remembers his first Pride experience.

‘I got to march with my local community group and it was the first time in my life I felt celebrated as an individual and as a community,’ he said.

‘It was also the moment in my life and career when I knew the importance of speaking your truth and giving a voice to those who may be scared to speak. ‘

The singer’s debut single STAND is a celebration of love and self acceptance. The song ties in well with MOGA’s mission statement.

A MOGA spokesperson said Mitchlan ‘joins our growing movement of youth ambassadors to help spread our message of universal love and acceptance of ALL human beings, regardless of skin colour, race or sexual orientation and identity’.

MOGA has also released rainbow earrings and along with its reissued Pride scarf to celebrate Pride month.

Profits from the Pride scarf will go towards the CARE Foundation for the education of young girls.

a woman with long brown hair is sitting on a step with her hand under her chin, she is wearing rainbow earrings
MOGA’s Pride rainbow earrings. | Photo: Supplied

Watch the video for Stand: