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My dad offered men millions to marry me: Lesbian reveals what happened next

My dad offered men millions to marry me: Lesbian reveals what happened next

Gigi Chao, the woman behind her father’s offer of millions to the man who could woo her, has revealed what happened next.

Chao, a happily married lesbian, has said she was inundated with offers from around the world from potential suitors.

Speaking to Hong Kong Tatler, Chao described the multitude of odd things that happened to her since the story was first reported in September 2012.

She described how George Clooney’s former body double offered to marry her, and how she was inundated with love letters from war veterans and even gay men.

One man wrote every day for five months describing his erotic fantasies about her, and a Mainland Chinese woman offered her own husband.

Like in a scene from The Merchant of Venice or The Bachelorette, suitors would come from around the world with red roses and boxes of chocolates to the lobby of her public relations company.

They were lining her halls in a bid to win her heart, and her father’s HK$500m (US$64m, €50m) dowry.

There was plenty of hate mail, as Chao recalls when she was sent a package of medicine to ‘cure her ailment’.

As Chao had neither the time, the energy nor the inclination to wade through the post, she was forced to employ someone full time to process through the messages.

But it is still her father that is probably the craziest person in her life.

The 76-year-old shipping businessman, who claims to have had 10,000 girlfriends, rejected ‘false reports’ that his daughter had obtained a French civil partnership (PACS) with her girlfriend and said she was still single.

Describing him as a ‘backseat flyer’ while they drive around in a helicopter, she said he often challenges her to land in the middle of a huge crowd of people.

She says: ‘I’ll be like, “No, Daddy, we really can’t do that.”. And he’ll be all like, “Come on Gigi, it’s fine – just do it, do it!”’

Chao continues to live with and love her partner of eight years Sean Eav.