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My gay Ibiza: Scott Dempster on Spain’s sexiest isle

My gay Ibiza: Scott Dempster on Spain’s sexiest isle

Ibiza is a little different from Dumfries, the town where 25-year-old Scott Dempster is from.

When he originally came to the Spanish island at the age of 17, it was the typical go out in San Antonio with friends and go crazy.

But then when he returned the next year, he saw the other side of Ibiza – the beautiful side.

The following year after that, he was calling Ibiza home.

Now 25, he manages the rooftop bar of Hotel Es Vivé, one of Ibiza’s hottest spots for chilled out drinks and stunning views.

Why have you stayed in Ibiza?

For me, Ibiza is home. I always knew I would end up living here.

What’s the best gay night out? 

You’ve got Calle de la Virgen, which is the gay street, and to be honest I don’t tend to venture out there too much. From time to time there are a few bars I like to go to, but normally if I like to go for a drink I go to the port, because there are lots of bars down there. For gay bars, I’d go to the Soap Bar. It’s a nice crowd, really nice atmosphere. There’s not really anywhere just for twinks or bears or whatever, everyone just comes together.

What do you look forward to?

The closing parties are amazing, they’re incredible. For the seasonal workers as well because after a long hard season, we work really hard. We have to work hard to enjoy the six months of the winter. It’s that light of the end of the tunnel and it’s an opportunity for all the workers to go out and party. We’ve not seen each other all season because we’ve been working. The closing parties, there’s not so many people as well, so it means you’ve got room to dance in the clubs.

Ibiza Club

Space is incredible. Amnesia is good. But my official one would be the KM5 closing, because it’s right at the end. You know when KM5 closes, you know that’s it. All the bosses and owners, for my opinion, that’s the favourite one. Everybody’s friends, and everyone’s together. For me it’s Ibiza’s closing night.

What’s the best place to go if you don’t want to go clubbing?

There’s so much to do if you don’t want to go clubbing. Ibiza’s beautiful. I hate this whole associating Ibiza with just drugs or partying. When I go home to my family and friends, I tell them there’s so much more to Ibiza than that. Ibiza Town is beautiful. If you hire a car for the day you can go up north or drive around the island. It just changes your perspective of the island – totally. You can see how green it is, it’s not just clubs or bars or people rolling around in the streets fighting. There’s more to Ibiza than that.

You can go up to Santa Eulalia, it’s a beautiful quiet little town. The Promenade, you can sit and have drinks – it’s quiet and tranquil. You won’t get the San Antonio crowd up there. Also, in Ibiza Town it’s beautiful. You can take a walk around the castle and the cathedral, the views are amazing. There’s lots to do.

How comfortable would you feel being out and open with a boyfriend?

In Ibiza in general, you might gets looks from people but generally it’s a very open-minded place. If I was to go walking hand in hand in town with a boyfriend, I wouldn’t feel uncomfortable.

Where do you go to shop?

I shop in Ibiza Town. It’s not a huge choice, we’ve got Zara and Blanco – it’s high street. But saying that, there’s a lot of boutiques as well.

Where would you take an Ibiza virgin?

You would have to come to Hotel Es Vivé, because the views are amazing. Even just for a few hours, you can chill out on the beds and have a cocktail. You can see all of the town, it’s just a nice, chilled out atmosphere. Definitely that.

You’d have to go to Space, Pacha and Amnesia. Pacha’s been here the longest – since the 70s – and it’s got an Ibiza feel to it. Amnesia is crazy, but it’s an amazing experience. You feel like you’re on a different planet. Space has got something for everybody.

With the gay bars, especially on the main street, it’s best to walk up and down and see what you fancy. They’re all pretty similar, but they have their own style – something might catch your eye.

Do you have any tips?

If you go up on a Wednesday night to the gay street, you can have a drink and they’ll put you on the La Troya at Amnesia – the big club’s gay night – guest list for free. Get a cocktail, get in the vibe and the spirit of it all. This is what I do with friends that come over because Amnesia’s not cheap. You could be spending up to €40-50 ($43-54) just to get in. But then if you’ve got in for free, spending that money on drinks beforehand, it’s a far better night.

Where would you go on a day trip?

I would definitely go out to Formentera. It’s a beautiful island, they say it’s similar to the Caribbean. You get the ferry over there, you can hire a moped, you can hire a taxi, and the beaches are pure golden white sand, the water’s crystal clear. It’s out of this world. If you want to get away from the madness, if you need a day to relax then you have to go to Formentera. There’s beautiful restaurants.

Ibiza Sunset

What’s the best kept Ibiza secret?

Probably Es Vedrá. It’s probably not a secret to those who have been coming to Ibiza for years. It’s off a beach called Cala d’Hort, it’s a rock, but it’s one of the most magnetic places in the world. A lot of people who live here, when they feel a bit down or stressed, they head down to Cala d’Hort and they meditate or do whatever they want to. Everyone always comes from it saying they feel energized. It’s just natural beauty. It’s a great place to go to watch the sunset as well.

Cheap eat?

For dinner, there’s a place in Ibiza Town called San Juan Comidas, it’s food of the island. You have to queue for awhile, you go in, you eat and you have a glass of wine and you’re out. It’s bustling all night long, but it’s very reasonably priced. If there’s two of you at a table, you might have to sit next to two others at a table because they need to get everybody in and out as quick as they can. But it’s the real Ibiza.

Scott Dempster manages Scott’s Bar on the rooftop terrace of Hotel Es Vivé.