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My Husband’s Not Gay star compares having sex with men to eating donuts

My Husband’s Not Gay star compares having sex with men to eating donuts

A star of TLC’s controversial My Husband’s Not Gay has compared having sex with men to eating donuts, in an attempt to explain how he reconciles his same-sex attraction with his opposite-sex marriage.

The reality show followed four gay Mormon men married to women and one of the couples, Jeff and Tanya Bennion, appeared on Nightline last before the special aired.

‘When I’m having sex with her, I don’t wish she were a man,’ he said.

‘I don’t fantasize about her being a man. I am with her. And I am having sex with her. And it’s her I love and want to be with.’

Then to clarify, he offered the following anology:

‘I love donuts. I would eat doughnuts three times a day. But I desire to be able to fit in my pants in the morning too.

‘So you could say I am oriented towards doughnuts, and if I was being true to myself, I would eat doughnuts a lot more than I eat doughnuts. But am I miserable? Am I lonely? Am I denying myself because I don’t eat doughnuts as much as I might like to eat doughnuts? I’m not.

And in fact, I desire to live a healthy lifestyle, and so I don’t eat a lot of doughnuts. And I desire to be with a wife, and I’m committed to this, and I want to stay committed to this. So that’s what I want.’

The pained expression on Tanya’s face says it all.

GLAAD condemned the show as ‘downright irresponsible’ and more than 100,000 signed a petition calling for it to be canceled.

Watch the clip below:

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