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Myanmar transgender model released from jail

Myanmar transgender model released from jail

Myanmar transgender model Ma Myo Ko Ko San

A transgender model was held with male prisoners after she was arrested on suspicion of defamation in Myanmar.

Ma Myo Ko Ko San, 23, her country at the Miss International Queen 2014 beauty pageant. She was arrested as she arrived back to Myanmar from a trip to Thailand.

She was arrested in January on the allegations of defamation. It was alleged she defamed actress Wut Hmone Shwe Yi, 28, on the country’s most popular celebrity gossip page Cele Cele Small.

Ma Myo Ko Ko San was held under Section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Act. The law has come under recent for the rising rate of defamation charges since the fall of the military junta.

Gossip, scandal and defamation

The 23-year-old was accused of saying Wut Hmone Shwe Yit had travelled to Macau with an older man and was romantically involved with members of powerful Myanmar families. The accusations about the actress were posted over two weeks and also criticized her personal appearance.

Ma Myo Ko Ko San protested at being detained without evidence while her friends speculated if she had been arrested because of her sexuality.

The Mandalay based model was released a few days later and she took to Facebook to thank her fans.

‘The Criminal Investigation Department already investigated my phone and confirmed I was clear of this accusation,’ Ma Myo Ko Ko San wrote.

‘I just want to say not to worry about me and to inform those who were concerned about me.’