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Nui Studio’s Mygdal plant lamp brings life even into windowless rooms

Nui Studio’s Mygdal plant lamp brings life even into windowless rooms

Inside the Mygdal lamps' bulbs, a self-sustaining ecosystem keeps plants alive and happy.

You can have the greenest thumbs in the world, without natural light your plants will wilt rather than flourish.

Nui Design Studio has just the solution to a problem more and more prevalent in modern times: although plants are ever more important in urban landscapes, not every space has enough sunlight to allow them to grow.

Their Mygdal lamp makes it possible to grow plants in a windowless room.


Made from mouth-blown glass and aluminum, the lamp contains a completely self-sustaining ecosystem, allowing plants to grow without the need for sunlight or additional watering.

Danish glassmaker Peter Kuchinke is the person behind the lamp’s glass parts; the project was named after his home, the northern Danish village of Mygdal.

Freely translated into English, the name means ‘fertile soil’, relating back to the light allowing every room, no matter how dark, to house living greenery.


Coming in two sizes, measuring 35Hx24W and 70Hx48W centimeters, the Mygdal plant lamp is available as either a pendant or a standing lamp.

Made from electrically conductive glass coating, the standing lamp’s LED also comes without a visible connection to the power source impairing the design.

Formerly known as We Love Eames, Nui Studio was founded by German designers Arne Sebrantke and Emilia Lucht.