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Naked athletes, sexy priests and lesbian couples: The best 2014 calendars

Naked athletes, sexy priests and lesbian couples: The best 2014 calendars

To keep track of our increasingly hectic and electronic lives in the New Year, we’ve put together a list of the best wall calendars for 2014.

What makes them the best?

Is it the the charitable causes, like HIV prevention and combatting transphobia, some calendar producers are encouraging you to support?

Or could it be the fact that some models are straight people in support of the LGBTI community?

Perhaps it’s the rippling, sinewy muscles and homoerotic undertones of some calendars that makes them worthy of our attention.

Whatever the case, we think nothing beats a good, old-fashioned print calendar you can admire day after day.

So clear a space on your kitchen wall or office cubicle and thank the stars you belong to such a diverse and inventive LGBTI community (some images NSFW).

Oxford University Women’s Rugby Football Club

‘In support of mental health awareness,’ the women’s rugby club from Oxford University stripped down for 2014. While not explicitly a same-sex calendar, we’re sure this one will resonate with many of readers.

Ben Cohen

Speaking of rugby, Ben Cohen stripped off yet again this year to fight gay bullying with a 2014 calendar. Equally as exciting as the calendar, Team Cohen released behind-the-scenes photos and a video for your viewing pleasure.

The Trans Calendar Project

trans photos from around the US. Half of the funds will go to one of the project members to fund their transition, the other half of funds will be fed back into the project.

‘The Trans Calendar Project is a non for profit collective of trans identified individuals working for positive social change through art.

Barcelona’s gay swim team

The Barcelona Panthers posed in their swim uniforms for a 2014 calendar to raise funds for a local HIV organization. The steamy images were shot on the rooftop pool of the ‘hetero-friendly’ Axel Hotel in Barcelona.

Gays of Manchester

Shot by Manchester-based photographer Lee Baxter, this calendar hopes to raise £10,000 ($16,380 €11,963) for HIV charity George House Trust.

From drag queens to muscle boys and everyone in between, this calendar offers a candid look into a thriving LGBTI community in the UK.

Orthodox Calendar

This calendar raised eyebrows and temperatures with photos of nude and semi-nude priests from the Orthodox Church. Aimed at revising perceptions about religion with ironic humor and hot images, this calendar was definitely one of the most talked about this year.

Warwick University Rowing Club

On their fourth year of posing nude for their calendar, the Warwick boys decided to donate part of the proceeds to LGBTI ally Ben Cohen’s Stand Up Foundation to fight homophobia and other types of bullying. For the second year running, the women’s rowing team also posed nude for an upcoming calendar.