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These Navy inspired winter jackets will make any cold weather look hot as hell

These Navy inspired winter jackets will make any cold weather look hot as hell

Belstaff’s autumn/winter collection is inspired by the clothing worn by the British Royal Navy. The collection portrays the harsh reality of life at sea through color, fabric diversity and special vintage wax treatments.

It’s a tribute to the marvelous clothing worn by the navy throughout World War II. At its core, the collection battles the bitter cold conditions while providing lasting warmth.

Make sure to add these winter coats to your wardrobe.



The parka is a key piece for the 2017 season. It provides a stylish wall of protection with the down-filled ballistic nylon and a down-filled hood liner.


Also, Belstaff offers a more vintage parka inspired by Captain George Phillips’ submariner two-piece suit with slanted chest pockets.


The autumn/winter collection for 2017 features leather jackets in a variety of weighs, finishes, colors, and styles.

Leather 1

The traditional black leather jacket is reintroduced by Belstaff with an overall well-worn look. The design and look of the leather jackets convey a sense of a lived-in jacket with a luxurious tactility.

Leather 2

This winter Belstaff introduces a cardinal red leather jacket. The silhouette is streamlined for a more fitted look.


Coat 1

Belstaff recreates classic pea coats in a plush melton wool. This long, navy pea coat is highlighted by its silver naval buttons.

Coat 2

Also, a shorter version is available with the same wide lapel. This pea coat exchanges the silver naval buttons for more traditional ones.

Make sure to check out the full collection for Belstaff here.