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NBC didn’t acknowledge Tom Daley’s famous fiance in stands at Rio Olympics

NBC didn’t acknowledge Tom Daley’s famous fiance in stands at Rio Olympics

Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black have been engaged since 2014.

British diver Tom Daley and Oscar winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black being one of the most high-profile gay couples in the world was lost on NBC this week.

The US network broadcasting the Rio Olympics did not even acknowledge Black’s presence in the stands – sitting with Daley’s mother Debbie – as his fiance dramatically took the bronze medal in the men’s 10 meter syncro event with partner Dan Goodfellow.

Daley, 22, and Black, 42, have been a couple since 2013 and announced their engagement last year.

The omission was glaring since Daley is one of Great Britain’s most famous athletes and is competing in his third Olympics.

Black meanwhile, won the Academy Award for the film Milk and has been a highly-visible presence in the fight for marriage equality in the US. He wrote the film J. Edgar directed by Clint Eastwood and is currently finishing the ABC miniseries When We Rise as a writer and director.

Both are very high-profile on social media.

NBC has taken some flack on social media for not acknowledging Black and a network spokesperson told The Advocate: ‘With more than 11,000 athletes at the Games, it isn’t always possible to identify every competitor’s significant other, regardless of their sexual orientation.’

Not helping matters this week for the network was beach volleyball announcer Chris Marlow identifying Brazilian player Larissa França’s wife as her ‘husband.’

Black did not want to be drawn into the controversy telling The Advocate: ‘I haven’t watched any of NBC’s coverage, so it’s tough to make an informed comment. I’m here to support Tom and his family here in Rio. Period.’