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Neeko is the first openly LGBTI champion in League of Legends

Neeko is the first openly LGBTI champion in League of Legends

Riot Games confirmed Neeko, the latest addition to their popular video game League of Legends, identifies as gay.

This makes her the first openly LGBTI champion in the fantasy game.

Ever since she was announced, Neeko prompted a discussion because of her attraction to other female characters. She flirts with female champions while displaying a hostile attitude towards male ones. For example, Neeko asked champion Shyvana out on a date and explained Evelynn makes her feel curious.

On the other hand, her lines towards men tend to be fairly hostile. She often notes that they smell bad or that she doesn’t like them, with the exception of Ezreal, who she describes as ‘Pretty! For a boy’.

Writer confirmed Neeko is a lesbian

Senior narrative driver Matt Dunn confirmed Neeko’s sexual orientation in a reply to a fan. The reply was later posted on Twitter and retweeted by Dunn.

League of Legends features 142 champions, but none of them is openly LGBTI. Neeko will officially be the first one to break this barrier.

The character will also bring a new mechanic to the game. A shapeshifter, she will be able to assume the form of any allied champion until combat breaks the illusion.

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