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Neil Gaiman pays tribute to gay web series Husbands

British author will write the introduction to the new hardcover comic book collection based on the romantic comedy

Neil Gaiman pays tribute to gay web series Husbands

British writer Neil Gaiman has paid tribute to popular gay web series and comic book Husbands.

The ‘Sandman’ and ‘American Gods’ author has written the introduction for a hardcover graphic novel edition of the digital comic.

Calling it a ‘smart and loving romp through genre’, the web series was written by Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Once Upon A Time’s Jane Espenson and character comic Brad Bell.

The series describes itself as the world’s first marriage equality comedy, set in a fictional America where every state has legalized it.

Two celebrities, an out-and-proud actor and a recently-closeted baseball player, accidentally get hitched in Las Vegas after only dating for six weeks.

The comic book has more of a fantasy theme than the web sitcom, where the couple are thrust into a series of adventures after receiving a magic wedding gift.

‘As a huge fan of Neil Gaiman, I am thrilled to discover he is a fan of Husbands.

‘Brad Bell and I wrote the show that we wanted to watch. Now, to find that people we idolize are watching? That is beyond gratifying,’ said Espenson.

When Espenson and Bell spoke to GSN earlier this year, they said they found it ‘gratifying’ to create a romantic comedy with a same-sex couple.

Husbands will be released in hardcover in March by Dark Horse Comics next year.

Catch up with the web series here:

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