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Neil Patrick Harris Super Bowl ad ‘pushes gay agenda’

Neil Patrick Harris Super Bowl ad ‘pushes gay agenda’

A far-right website is accusing US television network CBS of pushing a ‘gay agenda’ and ‘mocking’ Christians by featuring actor Neil Patrick Harris in its Super Bowl adverts.

In its ‘news’ report, WND slams the channel for using the openly gay ‘How I Met Your Mother’ star to promote the forthcoming American football tournament.

The advert features Harris with blackeye paint that lists the date of the football game – a gimmick used by New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow to promote Bible passages.

WND quotes an unnamed football fan saying: ‘They’re pushing a gay agenda by using him, and they’re mocking Christians at the same time.’

In a poll at the bottom of the article, the majority of readers are calling for a boycott of CBS.

Harris came out publicly in 2006 and is the father of twins with partner David Burtka.

The Super Bowl is one of the most watched sporting events in the world and often features high profile stars in its promotions and half-time performances.