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Neo-Nazis behind anti-marriage equality posters in Australia

Neo-Nazis behind anti-marriage equality posters in Australia


The negative anti-LGBTI rhetoric ahead of a postal survey on same-sex marriage has heated up. Now neo-Nazis are involved in the debate.

Australia’s government is holding a public, non-binding postal survey asking people if they think same-sex marriage should be legal.

Advocates have long argued that opening up the marriage equality decision to a public vote could leave the LGBTI community vulnerable to hateful rhetoric.

Within days of the postal survey announcement anti-LGBTI materials circulated around Australia. Including a series of posters in Melbourne that said: ‘stop the f*gs’.

Over the weekend neo-Nazi organisation called the Australian Traditional Nationalist Group [Austranati] posted 300 anti-marriage equality posters around Brisbane.

The posters call for the protection of ‘traditional marriage’ and that a mother and father’s love is ‘irreplaceable’.

One of the posters is based on Dutch airline KLM’s misjudged ad supporting LGBTI people.

The Austranati’s objective is for ‘the protection of our White identity and the Traditional Western values rooted in Christian and Pagan traditions from Cultural Marxism, Islam, White genocide, international communism and the globalist elite’.

In a Facebook post it said marriage equality was trying to force Australia ‘to just accept what a small minority want’.

‘Why is this happening? Because this country, like every western nation is run by a global rootless authoritarian organisation which promotes cultural Marxism to destroy the traditions and sovereignty of our peoples,’ it wrote on Facebook.

If you’re not wearing nails, you’re not tearing down hate speech

Kylie Sparrow spotted the posters when she visited Brisbane over the weekend. She quickly decided to tear them down. Her photo giving the posters the middle finger with her iconic pointed pink nails went viral around Australia.

‘I first saw it on Boundary Street in Spring Hill, I immediately knew it was something gross so I crossed the road to inspect it and was disgusted’ she told Gay Star News.

‘So I took a photo giving it the finger, ripped it off and went looking for more (because there’s always more).

‘I got down maybe a dozen on Boundary Street and then there were more on Wickham Terrace that were stuck too good even for my sharp poster tearing down nails.

‘So the best I could do with them was scratch out the website and scribble over them. By that time the anger had set in and I snapped my pen.

Keep the receipts

Labor Senator Jenny McAllister who is chairing a Senate enquiry into the postal survey told people to send her any hateful materials.

‘We are already seeing examples of campaign material that doesn’t meet the standard of respectful debate. It is important that the parliament gains a comprehensive overview of the conduct of the campaign,’ she said.

‘Hateful contributions to public debate should not be allowed to go unchallenged.

‘Less than a fortnight into the government’s expensive and unnecessary postal survey we are already seeing examples of campaign material that doesn’t meet the standard of respectful debate.’


Check your enrolment

All Australians wherever they are in the world are encouraged to update their electoral details or enrol to vote before the deadline of August 24.