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Neo-Nazis in Germany film ‘sting’ video posing as city guard in gay cruising area

Neo-Nazis in Germany film ‘sting’ video posing as city guard in gay cruising area

Members of the Stadtschutz Dortmund patrolled a popular, well-known cruising spot.

‘Are you gay? Do you have illegal sex here?’ – these are the questions that a neo-Nazi group in Germany are asking gay cruisers in the woods.

‘We’re from the city guard, and we’re maintaining security, law and order.’

In a six minute video, filmed at dusk and posted to YouTube by a group of right-wing party members, shows four men in yellow t-shirts. They call themselves the ‘Stadtschutz Dortmund’ (city guard in Dortmund), the self-proclaimed ‘police’ stopping ‘illegal activity’.

‘It’s common knowledge, even beyond the borders of Dortmund, that every night – especially in this summer weather – homosexuals meet here to pursue their activities,’ one of the men explains in the short film.

‘That constitutes indecent behavior.’

Before entering the woods, one of the men puts on a pair of gloves in case someone attacks him ‘and because I have no desire for any infections.’

On their walk, they film several men waiting or walking away from the group; they also directly confront some of them.

The group approach several men, trying to intimidate them and informing them about alleged crimes before demanding they stop using the area to cruise as it is public property; many of the men ask them to stop filming, which the group ignore.

They target the motorway rest area in Dortmund-Kirchlinde, along the A45 connecting Dortmund and Frankfurt – a popular and well-known cruising spot.

Oliver Peiler, spokesperson for Dortmund Police, told Gay Star News while it’s hard to press charges – the group toe the line between legal and illegal on several occasions – police are monitoring every post, video and event by the group. called the video ‘reminiscent of those posted on social networks, in which Russian neo-Nazis show up, humiliate or even torture’ LGBTI teens and young men.

The Stadtschutz, which is not an official body but are affiliated with right-wing splinter party Die Rechte, has been active for just over a year; they have made headlines for policing the streets to warn people of ‘suspicious’ migrants, asylum seekers or foreign-looking citizens.