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Neo-Nazis plaster anti-gay posters with Grim Reaper across Australian city

Neo-Nazis plaster anti-gay posters with Grim Reaper across Australian city

A poster showing a decaying grim reaper draped in a rainbow flag with the caption, 'they're here, they're queer but not for much longer'

Disturbing posters featuring a decaying Grim Reaper wearing a rainbow flag have have been plastered around an northern Australian city.

The posters appeared in the regional city of Townsville, which is a major hub in northern Australia.

They feature the Grim Reaper with the caption, ‘they’re here they’re queer but not for much longer’. The caption borrows from the famous line used LGBTI protestors have used for decades, ‘we’re here, we’re queer, get used to it’.

Using the image of the Grim Reaper has a very negative connotation for the gay community in Australia. The infamous Grim Reaper television ads to warn Australians against the HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s lead to fear and stigma of the community.

Neo-Nazis at it again

Notorious neo-Nazi group the Antipodean Resistance plastered the posters around Townsville. It is not the first time the ultra-nationalist, white supremacy group has targeted the LGBTI community.

The group says it has a ‘no poofter’ policy: ‘we don’t allow homosexuals or other sexual deviants in our organisation’.

During last year’s postal survey they posted homophobic stickers featuring Nazi swastikas around a university in Tasmania. In June this year, the group put posters up in the southern city of Melbourne to mark Pride month.

Those posters read ‘Happy AIDS Month’ over a drawing of a sickly looking man holding a placard reading ‘What are you doing about A.I.D.S?’ with a Pride flag background.

‘Gays are a walking disease,’ the poster concluded.

Locals in Townville found the posters disturbing.

‘I’m in a same-sex relationship and I found it a bit disconcerting,’ a local man told the Townsville Bulletin.

‘You hope their influence is very small but the fact they are trying to spread their influence around other places in Australia is concerning.’

The Grim Reaper ad

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