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Netflix celebrates Valentine’s Day with charming gay romance

Netflix celebrates Valentine’s Day with charming gay romance

Netflix India celebrated Valentine's Day with a gay romance (Photo: YouTube)

Netflix India marked Valentine’s Day this year with an adorable romance between two young men.

The short film, directed by Reema Sengupta, shows two young men fall in love in an Indian city.

‘We made a sweet Valentine’s Day video because we couldn’t write everyone a personalized letter about why we love them’ the online streaming service wrote on Twitter.

‘It isn’t love if it doesn’t turn your life upside down’ the caption accompanying the video on YouTube reads.

The pair meet after one young man starts watching the screen of another young man on the subway.

Valentine’s Day for all

Thursday (14 February) was India’s first Valentine’s Day since a landmark Supreme Court ruling decriminalized gay sex.

Section 377 of the colonial-era Penal Code had punished homosexual sex with up to 10 years in prison.

But, in September last year, the Supreme Court ruled that this violated constitutional rights to privacy.

Uber India joined in celebrations with a campaign for a rainbow heart emoji.

The transportation network company also changed its route map rainbow.

‘Let’s celebrate our first Valentine’s Day for all with a symbol everyone can embrace’, the company tweeted.

‘It’s time for an inclusive heart that celebrates the many shades of love’ it also said.

But, LGBTI activists and leaders warned it would take time for society to accept homosexuality.

Reuters also reported this week that while large corporations like Uber were making efforts to become more LGBT-inclusive, smaller firms did not see a need for diversity.