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Netflix claps back at homophobes disgusted at gay love story in show Elite

Netflix claps back at homophobes disgusted at gay love story in show Elite

Omander homophobes netflix

Sometimes it feels like the LGBTI community can never have nice things. Netflix gives us a gay storyline in new drama Elite and already it’s got homophobes riled up.

The streaming service posted a photo of Omar and Ander about to kiss on their Instagram. On it, they wrote: ‘The only thing I want is to be with you. #Omander’ (that’s their ‘ship’ name, FYI)

However, the photo was soon flooded with negative comments.

One said: ‘wtf Netflix and their stupid liberal agenda’

Another added: ‘The more gay things the faster the world end’

(pretty sure you can blame climate change for that one, bud)

But it was one comment that made Netflix snap. A random homophobe wrote: ‘Get the fuck off my Instagram. Not ever [sic.] person on the planet is gay. You are trying way too hard.’

The answer to this hate? A flood of rainbows. Just loads of rainbows. ‘sorry I couldn’t read your comment while surrounded by all these rainbows’.

Of course, the best reply.

YouTuber Ajay pointed it out on Twitter, saying: ‘I despise ignorant fucks like Judas. Don’t be a Judas.’

But all the hate in the world can’t change the fact people are here for this gay storyline. Addressing racial divides, it’s realism, and chemistry (and, you know, being really hot) has got people excited for the show.

Netflix is getting a bit of a reputation for being the defender of LGBTI people on their service. When RuPaul’s Drag Race star Alyssa Edwards’ show was announced it, of course, stirred up some controversy in the homophobic circles.

They quickly ended the homophobia, though.

Now that your defending gay people, can we please have some more shows with LBTI people on it, pretty please?

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