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Netflix’s new reality dating show features LGBTI couples and people of color

Netflix’s new reality dating show features LGBTI couples and people of color

Two women on a date in the Netflix series Dating Around

Dating shows are a staple of the reality show genre. This Valentine’s Day (14 February), Netflix is getting in on the game with their own version, Dating Around.

The big difference with Netflix’s iteration resides in its casting.

Instead of the predominantly white, perfectly thin, and beautiful (per society’s standards) slew of people on shows like ABC’s The Bachelor/Bachelorette or MTV’s Are You the One?, Dating Around features diversity in multiple areas.

Based on the minute and a half trailer, Netflix didn’t stick to the typical standards of who dates per television rules.

Dating Around features people of color, LGBTI couples, and older people.

The concept of the show is relatively simple: a single person goes on five blind dates, and picks one at the end (the trailer doesn’t say for what, but hopefully it’s a second date instead of an engagement, as that’s how it works in the real world).

The snippets of conversation in the trailer are also refreshingly candid.

On one date, an older couple discuss taking drugs. Another shows a woman of color telling her date (a white man): ‘This is called culture clash.’

Some of the daters featured in the trailer are an LGBTI black woman and an LGBTI Asian man — typically not seen on dating shows, and already challenging stereotypes and expectations.

Dating Around arrives on Netflix on 14 February.

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