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Never run out of iPhone juice again

Get an extra boost with Mophie's Juice Pack and help the fight to eliminate AIDS at the same time

Never run out of iPhone juice again

Imagine the scenario…

You’re in a club having a great time, when suddenly your eyes meet a beautiful stranger across the crowded dance floor.

You pluck up the courage to approach them, you get chatting and hit it off instantly, but they have to rush off. 

You go to store their number in your iPhone when… it runs out of battery. 

Whats more, you need to call a cab to get back home and you obviously need to update your Twitter and Facebook status. What a disaster. 

Well fear no more, as help is at hand in the form of Mophie’s Juice Pack Reserve.

Designed for any iPhone or iPod, the Juice Pack Reserve offers a compact and lightweight instant power solution. 

All you need to do is simply connect your iPhone or iPod to your Mophie charger to get that extra boost so you can continue chatting, texting and surfing the web. 

As Mophie says: ‘You will now be able to travel great distances; be the master of your own destiny, no longer bound by the limitations of your internal battery.’

Mophie is a proud supporter of Product Red, which means 5% of profits from all their Red products will go to the Global Fund to help fight HIV and AIDS in Africa.  

Presented in a stylish GSN red, the compact design comes with a handy key ring, meaning you’re always ready for a quick charge whenever you need it. With its integrated USB cable, which neatly folds away into the outer casing, no excess cables are needed, so it’s ready for you to grab and get going.  

The LEDs on the bottom allows you to keep tabs on the charging mode and current battery life of the Juice Pack, which Mophie suggests you charge once every three months when not in use.

The Red Juice Pack is priced at $34.95 (€28).

For more information on Mophie’s Juice Pack Reserve or their other products, visit their website. Also available in Apple stores.

See Mophie’s Juice Pack Universal Line in the video here:

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