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New ad campaign for Australia’s Golden Gaytime ice cream recalls Brokeback Mountain

New ad campaign for Australia’s Golden Gaytime ice cream recalls Brokeback Mountain

One of Australia’s most popular ice cream treats is referencing the 2005 Oscar winning gay love story Brokeback Mountain in its latest billboard advertising campaign in the heart of Sydney’s gay friendly Inner West and we’re loving it.

The Golden Gaytime ice cream was invented by the Streets ice cream company in 1959 before the word ‘gay’ had any homosexual connotation and is a toffee and vanilla concoction dipped in chocolate and honeycomb biscuits on a wooden popsicle.

Streets ice creams went on to embrace the camp connection in the 1980’s rather than rename the ice cream following the rise of a visible LGBTI community in Australia by adopting the slogan, ‘It’s hard to have a Gaytime on your own’ and boxes of the ice creams sold in supermarkets still feature the words ‘4 delicious chances to have a gay time.’

Now Streets ice cream have teamed up the Golden Gaytime with another of their popular ice creams the Bubble O’ Bill – an ice cream in the shape of a cowboy’s head with a bubble gum ball for a nose to remember the hit movie in a billboard atop Rozelle’s The Bridge Hotel.

In the billboard a Bubble O’ Bill ice cream asks a Golden Gaytime ice cream if it wants a ‘Gaytime?’ having taking a bite out of it – to which it replies, ‘Whoa there Cowboy!’

Streets ice creams posted a photo of the billboard to the Golden Gaytime Facebook page with the slogan, ‘Happy 2016 Gaytime lovers.’

The timing of the billboard may be to mark the passing of the decade since Brokeback Mountain was released in Australia in January of 2005.

Brokeback Mountain is remembered as one of the most iconic performances of Australian actor Heath Ledger who passed away in 2008 from a drug overdose at the height of his career.

Ledger also met actress Michelle Williams on the set of Brokeback Mountain who became the mother of his child before they separated amicably in 2007.