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New breast cancer video has all genders and sexualities to encourage testing

New breast cancer video has all genders and sexualities to encourage testing

Two women standing on in front of the other, they are turning and smiling at each other. the woman at the back has her hands on the breasts of the woman at the front

Breast cancer screening rates among LGBTI people remain much lower than the general population, but a world first campaign wants to change that.

Our United Front is the new breast cancer awareness campaign targeting LGBTI people by leading Australian health and HIV organization, ACON.

The campaign features prominent people from the state of New South Wales – of which Sydney is the capital. The stars of the video represent diverse sexualities and gender identities. The video will help to raise awareness of breast cancer risks and recommended screening options.

‘Many LGBTQ people will either have personal experience of breast cancer or know someone who has been impacted by it,’ said ACON Deputy CEO Karen Price.

The new campaign, which builds on ACON’s groundbreaking 2016 breast cancer awareness initiative Talk Touch Test.

‘The campaign is authentic and represents a diverse range of LGBTQ people,’ Price said.

‘The campaign features cis women, trans women, non-binary and trans masculine members of our community.’

Our United Front celebrates the many diverse LGBTQ community groups in Sydney that provide safe and inclusive spaces for people in our communities to come together and support each other. We thank them all for getting behind this important campaign.’

Price said she hoped the campaign would encourage people to start talking about the issue more.

Our United Front aims to celebrate the diversity of our communities, and encourages everyone to unite in the fight against breast cancer by having conversations, encouraging each other to improve our understanding of breast cancer risks, and learn more about what screening options are right for each of us,’ she said.

Our United Front

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