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This new campaign is here to prove how sexy older gay guys can be

This new campaign is here to prove how sexy older gay guys can be

Think sexy is all about being young? Think again as a new campaign is here to prove how hot sexy older LGBTI people can be.

Mike Enders, AXXIDENTAL website founder, has teamed up with P-Town based artists Timscapes to create the new campaign.

Within the LGBTI community the older generation can usually find themselves on the outskirts of acceptance. ‘Not on my watch,’ says Enders. He and Timscapes have collaborated on a t-shirt design with the powerful message of #SmartSexyStrongSilver.

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The shirts feature Timscapes famous duct tape design creating a dominant fist with variations of white, grey, and silver. These can be purchased for $10 with all proceeds being donated to SAGE (Service and Advocacy for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered Elders) an organization focusing on working and helping the LGBTI elder community.

Enders says, ‘Now that I am 44, as much as I want to take care of everyone in my community, I am thinking about my husband and my future. I know so many badass LGBTI people with rocking, active, sex filled lives 50 and up. Yep, I said sex filled lives!’

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Enders says he is determined to bring awareness and his #SmartSexyStrongSilver campaign is designed to continue the conversation around the needs and discrimination still happening to our brothers, sisters, partners, parents, grandparents, and loved ones.

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