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This new dating site caters specifically to LGBTI Jews

This new dating site caters specifically to LGBTI Jews

Between Grindr, Adam4Adam, Scruff, and the myriad of other dating sites and apps catering to gay men, it might seem like that market is inundated. However, LGBTI Jews are an underrepresented community, which is where the new dating site Saw You At Stonewall comes in.

Playing off the name of the popular Jewish dating service Saw You At Sinai, Saw You At Stonewall, currently in its beta period, is a matchmaking service specifically for Jewish people who identify as LGBTI.

How it works

The site uses an algorithm to group users into categories such as age and location. Users then identify their gender and their sexuality/romantic attraction to other genders on a sliding scale. They can answer questions about themselves to give more details about what they’re looking for in a partner – these answers remain completely anonymous. Then, the best part: actual humans do the matchmaking from there.

Unlike Grindr and its contemporaries which tend to serve people looking for hook ups, Saw You At Stonewall is for people looking for a more serious romantic relationship. Users get one match at a time. They’re given a short blurb about their match as well as contact information, and then it’s up to the two users to take it from there. If that match doesn’t work out, a new potential match will be assigned within a month.

What’s revolutionary about Saw You At Stonewall is that there are no public profiles like typical dating websites. Instead, all the information remains anonymous, only to be viewed by the volunteer matchmakers.

‘There’s tons of dating sites but there’s nothing specific to being Jewish and queer,’ Joanna Halpern, a Jewish lesbian, told Jewish Week. ‘That’s what’s beautiful about this website. Unlike other dating apps, it has all the perfect questions for being Jewish and all the specific questions for being queer that other websites would be lacking.’

Though Saw You At Stonewall’s trial period is now full, the site will hopefully be open to new users again soon.

GSN has reached out to the creators of Saw You At Stonewall for comment.