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New Doctor Who wows Comic Con crowd with gender fluid comments

New Doctor Who wows Comic Con crowd with gender fluid comments

The first ever female Doctor Who sent fans wild at the Comic Con International show this week by throwing gender labels into a time warp.

Actress Jodie Whittaker made a surprise appearance on stage at the Her Universe Fashion Show, giving fans a glimpse of her character’s new trench coat and sonic screwdriver.

Time for change: Whittaker ‘s Doctor arrives on earth this Autumn. Photo: BBC

Look closely at the new coat and you’ll spot the LGBTI rainbow colored embroidery in the coat’s lining and the rainbow motif on the Doctor’s t-shirt.

But it’s what she told fans at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego that’s got us all excited.

‘You know what. Any age; any gender. Anyone can wear it’ she told the crowd, referring to her time traveller’s coat.

She then sent fans screaming in approval when she said: ’You’re not dressing as a girl, and you’re not dressing as a boy. You’re dressing as the doctor.’

The Her Universe fashion brand has a partnership deal with the Doctor Who series and other popular sci-fi names such as Star Wars and Marvel.

Doctor Who fans, or Whovians, are eagerly awaiting the latest series, which the BBC plans to air this Autumn. As the first female Doctor ever, expectations are running high.

Doctor Who has featured gay characters before

Traditionally, the time lord has been played by male actors. However, the last series featured a lesbian side-kick with actress Pearl Mackie playing Bill Potts, the series’ first openly gay character.

The Potts character left in the last series after finding love with a lesbian alien. Awww!

There have also been reports that Whittaker, as the Doctor, may be bicurious. In a Daily Star article last year, the paper quoted Mackie as hinting she could return to hook up with the new female Doctor.

‘Who wouldn’t? It is Doctor Who. Never say never’, the paper quoted her as saying.

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