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School sued for allegedly expelling student with anti-trans views

School sued for allegedly expelling student with anti-trans views

Cheshire Academy,, a prestigious boarding school in Connecticut

A Connecticut couple is threatening to sue a prestigious school for expelling their son after he expressed conservative views. Those views include calling transgender people ‘sociopaths’ and stating that legalizing same-sex marriages is a ‘slippery slope.’

The New Haven Register reported attorney Jamie Sullivan served notice of the lawsuit to Cheshire Academy. The 225-year-old school is near Waterbury, Connecticut.  It charges $62,000 (€55,128; £47,707) annual tuition and board.

Sullivan is representing Theodore and Sonia Mancini of West Hartford who claim their son was expelled from Cheshire Academy. Sullivan says the expulsion came after the father launched a website detailing the family’s dispute with the boarding school.

That dispute arose when school officials allegedly admonished Michael Mancini for expressing conservative views in class. Mancini was a sophomore at the school prior to the expulsion.

Transgender people are sociopaths

Mancini’s English class had been discussing the Shakespeare play Twelfth Night.In that comedy, a female character, Viola, dresses as a male, Cesario. The class framed it as Shakespeare trying to put a ‘positive light on transgenderism.’

However, Mancini interjected that ‘during the time the book was written (1601-1602) his society would never partake in that sociopathic act,’ his father detailed.

When his teacher asked him to elaborate, Mancini said, ‘One trait of a Sociopath is to try and normalize an abnormal behavior. For his example he used Ted Bundy and his normalization of his bloodlust,’ the father explained on the website.

The teenager added, ‘If a man thinks he is a woman or a woman a man, it shows legitimate hormonal or mental disorder.’

Same-sex marriage a ‘slippery slope’

Later, during a private conversation with the teacher, Mancini said he personally was fine with same-sex marriage. However, he was opposed to a church or religious organizations performing ceremonies as it goes against their teachings or dogma.

Mancini said that whenever you seek to change the norms of a society, you have to be careful to guard against it becoming a ‘slippery slope.’

To illustrate his point, Mancini explained that pedophiles now call themselves MAPs (minor attracted persons). He said MAPs are using steps similar to those gay and lesbian activists used in the 1970s-1990s to ‘become normalized,’ the father detailed on the website.

The son added that the Supreme Court of Canada has declared most forms of bestiality legal.

In a third incident, the teen was asked to say something about himself during a thinking workshop. Mancini, who is white, joked that it was obvious that he was black.

Leave or be suspended

The school held a disciplinary hearing where they accused Mancini of harassment and harming an individual.

Afterwards, the school said he could voluntarily leave with a clean record. Otherwise, the school would suspend him five days and put the incidents in his file.

Cheshire Academy recruited Mancini to the school in fall 2018 to play football. The disciplinary committee informed him that if he chose suspension, his football scholarship would not be renewed next year.

Cheshire Academy sign
Cheshire Academy (Photo: Cheshire Academy Facebook)

The New Haven Register reported Cheshire Academy officials sent a letter out to the community saying the student (who was not identified) was expelled ‘following a fair process.’

‘This student was given a number of chances to adhere to our expectations and the rules and code of conduct of Cheshire Academy,’ the letter said in part.

‘Contrary to what you may have read, our decision was not based on an opposition to political dialogue,’ the letter continued. ‘We will take steps to defend the good name and reputation of CA, and will continue to work with legal counsel through this unfortunate episode.’

Suing school

Attorney Sullivan said the family is seeking an injunction to have Michael Mancini reinstated as well as monetary damages.

The Hartford-based attorney said his clients are suing the school because of Mancini’s ‘loss of reputation, the emotional stress and how his future is being jeopardized.’

‘I do a lot of school litigation on bullying cases and in a sense, this is bullying for having non-traditional ideas,’ Sullivan told the Register. ‘It belies the whole concept of liberalism, which is to embrace diverse ideas. In this politically correct environment, they are being very intolerant.’

The New Haven Register questioned why the family would want their son to return to an environment they considered to be intolerant of different political view. Sullivan replied, ‘It’s a sense of right and wrong and I think the family feels they are in the right.’

Gay Star News has contacted the school for comment, but has not yet received a reply.