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New HIV drug Dovato given green light in Europe

New HIV drug Dovato given green light in Europe

The European Commission has granted ‘marketing authorization’ to HIV drug, Dovato. It is a two-drug regimen instead of the standard three.

The Commission gave global specialist HIV company, ViiV Healthcare, the green light to market Dovato in Europe.

‘For many years, the standard of care for people living with HIV in Europe has been a three-drug regimen,’ said Deborah Waterhouse, CEO, ViiV Healthcare.

‘The data from our dolutegravir-based 2-drug regimen development programme challenges this, and with the authorization of Dovato, people living with HIV can for the first time start treatment on a once-daily, single-pill, two-drug regimen with the knowledge that efficacy is non-inferior to a three-drug regimen whilst containing fewer antiretrovirals.’

HIV is considered a chronic condition and requires people living with HIV to remain on antiretroviral treatment for life. Therefore, ViiV Healthcare argued ‘it is ever more important to provide new and advanced treatment options’.

Matthew Hodson of UK HIV advocacy group, NAM, welcomed the news. He said ‘our improving ability to treat and prevent HIV is one of the great achievements of medicine in recent years’.

‘We have had effective HIV treatment, that saves lives and prevents transmission, for more than two decades,’ he told Gay Star News.

‘New drugs are still being brought to the market and this increases the options available to people living with HIV, and to their healthcare providers, simplifying dosing and reducing the risk of side-effects.

‘In trials there was no observed reduction in effectiveness for this single-pill two-drug regimen.’

Hodson added: ‘It is frustrating that society remains slow to recognise how greatly the picture has changed for people living with HIV’.