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New Jersey governor repeats his call for a vote on marriage equality

New Jersey governor repeats his call for a vote on marriage equality

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is standing by his call to have voters decide on marriage equality.

The Republican, who is seeking reelection, was profiled on CBS Sunday Morning. In the wide ranging interview, Christie repeated that he is against gay marriage.

‘…I will tell you is that I understand that good people of good will have a difference of opinion on this. And so my view on it is, put it on the ballot. Let the people decide,’ Christie said.

The Republican said this on 27 September when New Jersey Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson ruled, in a marriage equality case, that because the federal government recognizes gay marriages the state violates its own constitution by not doing the same.

‘…The current inequality visited upon same-sex civil union couples offends the New Jersey Constitution, creates an incomplete set of rights…and is not compatible with "a reasonable conception of basic human dignity,"’ Jacobson wrote.

Christie is appealing this ruling to the state’s highest court, but it remains unclear if  he will seek a stay as Jacobson’s judgment is reviewed.

This past February  Christie vetoed gay marriage legislation passed by the Senate and Assembly and, in the early summer, was dismissive of the Supreme Court’s Defense of Marriage Act decision.

According to a 2013 July poll by Quinnipiac University, ‘New Jersey voters support a state law allowing same-sex marriage 60 – 31%, with almost no gender gap.’

Democrat state Senator Barbara Buono, who is running an uphill campaign against the incumbent, took him to task for appealing Jacobson’s finding.

‘It is also a stark reminder that Governor Christie stands on the wrong side of history,’ Buono said as reported by Associated Press. ‘At every turn, he has prevented our gay brothers and sisters from enjoying the same rights as other New Jerseyans.’

Buono’a daughter is gay.

Below is a clip of the Sunday Morning interview.