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New Jersey’s high school wrestling champion comes out as gay during college recruiting trip

New Jersey’s high school wrestling champion comes out as gay during college recruiting trip

While on a recent college recruiting trip, the New Jersey state wrestling champion Alec Donovan was asked by a fellow recruit: ‘Rumor is you’re bisexual. Is it true?’

Donovan replied: ‘The rumor isn’t true. I’m not bisexual… I’m gay.’

According to Outsports, Donovan is ranked in the top 25 in the US in the 145-pound division and was 39-1 in his senior season.

The recruiting trip was to Limestone College in South Carolina and the recruit asked Donovan if it was okay if he told members of that team about Donovan being gay.

Donovan gave the green light.

‘It’s better that everybody knows anyway, so I don’t end up on a team that doesn’t want me for all of me,’ he said.

Limestone College players were unfazed and the school remains one of the possibilities for Donovan next fall. He is currently visiting Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo and still has other schools in the mix.

But this openly gay sports star was once far less confident.

During his freshman year, he was so depressed about being gay and having a poor wrestling season that he wrote a suicide note to his parents.

‘I felt like I was a piece of dirt. I was worthless,’ he remembers.

He eventually tore up the note and life went on. Then during a road trip to Atlantic City for a competition, two of his Brick Memorial High School teammates cornered him in their hotel room and asked Donovan point-blank if he is gay.

He considered running for the door but instead answered honestly.

Their reaction changed everything for him.

‘I’m proud of you,’ one of his teammates said. ‘We’re brothers and, no matter what, brothers stick together.’

After that, his wrestling performances improved to the point of him being one of the best in the nation and he is poised to become the first openly gay wrestler competing in the NCAA.