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New polling finds majority of Japanese now support gay marriage

New polling finds majority of Japanese now support gay marriage

A majority of Japanese people now support same-sex marriage according to new research funded by the Japanese Government.

Researchers from Hiroshima Shudo University surveyed 1,259 adult Japanese voters and found that 51.1 percent supported the legalization of same-sex marriage, while only 41.3 percent said they were opposed.

A similar number, 51.7 percent, said that they were comfortable with men having romantic feelings for other men.

Respondents were more comfortable with the idea of romantic feelings between women with 56 percent saying they were comfortable with the idea.

However, even among those who were supportive, 30 percent said they would feel uneasy if they found out that one of their friends was gay.

A surprising 60 percent said they would be tolerant of a neighbor or colleague came out as transgender.

However at the same time 70 percent said they would not be comfortable if one of the relatives transitioned to another gender.

‘Many people are accepting of romantic feelings between same-sex people, but there is strong intolerance of such feelings when it comes to those they are familiar with and to same-sex sexual conduct,’ the researchers found.

The research was funded by Japan’s Education, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry.