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This church unfurled a new inclusive Pride flag to kick off Calgary Pride week

This church unfurled a new inclusive Pride flag to kick off Calgary Pride week

The new flag featuring the classic six stripes and a triangle on the hoist with light blue, light pink and white and brown and black stripes to include trans and people of color.

Hillhurst United Church unfurled a new Pride flag design to promote inclusiveness ahead of this year’s Calgary Pride.

The new flag, designed by Daniel Quasar, was hoisted on Sunday 26 August to kick off the Pride festivities. However, the church has stated they plan to have the flag flying the whole year round.

The new design maintains the six stripes and adds a triangle on the hoist featuring new colors. The colors used to include trans people are light blue, light pink and white. Furthermore, brown and black represent people of color.

Quasar’s is just one of the new designs for the original rainbow flag created by Gilbert Baker in 1978. Recently, Puerto Rican artist Julia Feliz created a new Pride flag with the aim to include minorities.

‘I am not queer one day and indigenous the other’

Community advocates say there is still a lot of confusion about the intersectionality of identities. Therefore, this new flag can help create a truer sense of belonging.

Keith Murray, affirming coordinator at the church, was excited to raise the flag to include all segments of the community.

‘We are including the trans colors and the black and brown stripes for… people of color and Indigenous people as well,’ he told

‘This is a new flag that tries to bring together the greater inclusivity and the diversity of our community to really say that all are welcome here.’

‘I am not queer one day or indigenous the other,’ Evans Yellow Old Woman, an Indigenous two-spirit activist, told CTV Calgary.

‘I am one package. We are not where we should be at. There are folks in our community who are marginalized and racialized and are being left behind.’

Calgary Pride week has officially started

The city in the province of Alberta will host the annual Pride parade on Sunday 2 September.

Calgary Pride parade will start at 11am. The gathering point will be 350 6 Ave SE and the march will last approximately three hours.

Hillhurst United Church will also host a special Pride service at 10am, right before the march.

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