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Richard O’Brien: New Rocky Horror with Laverne Cox is ‘badly cast’

Richard O’Brien: New Rocky Horror with Laverne Cox is ‘badly cast’

Richard O'Brien described the Rocky Horror reboot as 'badly cast'.

Richard O’Brien has spoken out about the Rocky Horry reboot, calling it ‘badly cast’.

It’s still a good three months to go until the film, starring Laverne Cox and Adam Lambert, hits screens, but criticism has already been rife.

Now O’Brien, who played the role of Riff-Raff in the original, has called the project flawed.

Speaking to This is Cabaret ahead of the opening of his play, The Stripper, which opens in London’s West End today (7 July), O’Brien described the reboot as flawed.

‘I think that it is a project that is misconceived and (sadly for the players) badly cast,’ he said.

‘The producer and director seem to have missed the point entirely.’

O’Brien didn’t elaborate on his statements, saying if he did – or offered further comment on the FOX reboot – he would be ‘tempted to say too much’.

Earlier in the interview, the former host of British game show The Crystal Maze said while the Rocky Horror Picture Show ‘defies categorization’, its long-term success was not a given.

‘It is a work of juvenilia that really shouldn’t have enjoyed the longevity that is has,’ he said.

‘But it continues to delight audiences both old and new.’

FOX have announced the reboot to air in October 2016, but have yet to set an exact date.