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New TV series about trans high school student gets big funding boon

New TV series about trans high school student gets big funding boon

A trans teen who took on Australia’s prime minister on national TV will have her acting dreams come true as she’ll star in a new television series.

Evie Macdonald, 14, became known across Australia when she confronted PM Scott Morrison over his views on trans kids.

‘We do not need “gender whisperers” in our schools,’ he tweeted last year. ‘Let kids be kids.’

Macdonald told him in no uncertain terms that gender diverse kids did not deserve to be ‘disrespected’ by the PM.

One of Macdonald’s dream to is become a professional actress. She has already made history as the first trans child to play a trans role in a film called, First Day.

Now, First Day will be turned into a four-part TV series thanks to funding from Screen Australia. The AU$5.7 million boon will fund three feature films, two children’s television series and two online projects.

First Day will follow on from the film and feature a trans girl – played by Macdonald – starting high school

Her mom, Meagan Macdonald, said Evie was very excited to star in the series.

‘Evie is super excited and can’t wait,’ she told Gay Star News.

‘We’ve hoped for a little while now that it will all go through smoothly and the series take off.’

A stellar TV series

The series is written and directed by Julie Kalceff, creator of hit online drama Starting From Now with producers Kirsty Stark  and Kate Croser also attached.

‘Julie is a fantastic director and Kirsty and brilliant producer and both are so inclusive so I feel really lucky that Evie’s step into acting has been so embraced by those around her that never question her identity,’ Meagan Macdonald said.

Screen Australia’s CEO, Graeme Mason said: ‘It’s great to see several established creatives taking on new challenges.

‘It’s also exciting to support some stories which offer viewers a chance to connect with Australian experiences and perspectives that are rarely seen on our screens,’ Mason said.

‘In First Day we see an authentic portrayal of personal growth and acceptance. I’m confident these will resonate with viewers,” Mason continued.’

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